Strange News: Restaurant Unveils World's Hottest Burger

For chili-heads looking for some burn with their beef, look no further than the Atomic Burger restaurant in Bristol, England.

The eatery's owners claim their burger's the world's hottest, combining the white-hot Naga Bhut Jolokia and the Scotch Bonnet chili peppers, which pack a literally pepper spray-potent 1 million Scoville heat scale punch.

The Fallout is not only smothered in the spicy sauce, but it comes complete with three patties, 18 ounces of cheese, and in lieu of buns, it's all sandwiched between deep fried pizza slices, the Sun reports. If that's not enough, the eatery packs a triple portion of chili fries with every order of the Fallout.

For those gluttons who are also gluttons for punishment, the Atomic Burger is offering a t-shirt and bragging rights for anyone who can polish it off in under 60 minutes.

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