Newcomer Greg Bates made an impression with his debut single "Did It For the Girl" by scoring a Top 5 hit. Not a bad way to begin your music career, right?

The Nashville native wrote the song with hitmakers Lynn Hutton and Rodney Clawson. Greg says, "We just wanted to tell a story about this guy. He's not in a place where he doesn't want to change. He definitely wants to change for her and he's willing to do anything he can to win her over. I think with most guys any girl worth chasing, that's definitely how they've felt before."

As for Greg, he admits he hasn't done anything really crazy for a girl. He explains, "I'm not that crazy of a guy. I haven't done too many 'out there' things. I've been in a lot of long distance relationships, so I put a lot of miles on cars and planes for girls. Looking back, I'm like 'That was a long drive to get to that point and it to end two weeks later.' That's as crazy as I get for girls. I'm not jumping off of buildings or anything [laughs]."

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